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 Not a very good walk tonight

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Team Member
Team Member

Location : Cheshire
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PostSubject: Not a very good walk tonight   Tue 20 Mar 2012, 9:20 pm

If we go in the school field at night I go there before a walk so Reuben can have a good run and then a leisurely walk aroung the estate. Tonight I decided we would walk first and if the local fields were waterlogged we would go on the top school field, however Reuben had other ideas.

As we walked past the school Reuben pulled towards where would normally cross over. I pulled him away to walk past and he literally pulled me into the road to get there. I pulled him back onto the pavement and when he realised we were walking past he stood rooted to the spot and refused to move so I literally had to drag him down the street.

We went for a walk around the estate and then to the fields which were very mudy so decided to go back towards home and into the school field. As we crossed some waste ground to get into the school my neighbour came on with her springers both off lead which both decided they would charge around Reuben barking at him. They would run right at him, then veer off at the last minute and he was petrified, i was so suprised at how scared he was and everytime they barked he literally jumped. He has met these dogs in the past and has never been afraid of them.

She eventually got them both on leads and we carried on into the school field but Reuben was competely stressed by his ordeal and it took him a few minutes to relax again. I let him off lead and he had a sniff and a wander around and when we got his ball out but after a couple of minutes he lost interest in the ball and was looking around and looked scared and I thought he may run away so I put him back on his lead which seemed to settle him down again.

I decided to leave the field and take him home and even when we were at home it took him a while to relax.

I am not quite sure what spooked him? We dont go in the fields every night and I try to vary routes when we are out walking although some have to be walked the same way to get to specific places

He has been OK since and he has eaten and we have had play time and now he is chilled out in front of the fire


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Gold Forum Member
Gold Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: Not a very good walk tonight   Tue 20 Mar 2012, 10:20 pm

Naw, bless him - I hope he's ok.

Midge was pretty stoic out & about - a bit of a wimp in the house but brave on walks. There was 1 section of the cinder track she never liked - no idea why but she always stopped, had to be coaxed past in & she would run past really quickly. Then she was perfectly happy & relaxed & eager to continue the walk.

Greg, a collie cross belonging to some mates, is about 2 now & had been a stray for quite a while before Shiv & Jamie re-homed him. He was staying with us just after DB to came to live with us - not ideal but we were dog-sitting as a wedding present. We took DB & Greg to the beck & poor Greg clearly wasn't happy. Greg & Bertie played happily in & out of the house, including on the way there & back on this particular walk. He'd been to the same spot with his owners. He did not act this way anywhere else, nor on the way there or home.

One minute he was charging around like a loony with DB, the next he was shaking & pacing. I put him on the lead because I was frightened he would run away. He refused treats which was v odd - Greg is obsessed with food - he was emaciated when he was rescued. He calmed down slightly when he curled up with DB - 2 wet stinky dogs on our picnic basket.

No idea what was going on! I'm sure it made sense to poor Greg but it was so sad to watch.

Perhaps Rueben is just more sensitive & easily scared without Chloe? Her loss is still very recent. Xx

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Team Member
Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: Not a very good walk tonight   Wed 21 Mar 2012, 9:04 pm

awwww bless him.
Was this the same field from where he heard the loud bangs before or is it a different one?
just thinking that maybe he could of heard something and it has reminded him about last time.

I was thinking the same too about him maybe have lost a bit of confidence from losing Chloe.


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PostSubject: Re: Not a very good walk tonight   

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Not a very good walk tonight
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