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 New members?

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Gold Forum Member
Gold Forum Member

Location : North Yorkshire
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PostSubject: New members?   Fri 23 Mar 2012, 9:11 am

Yesterday morning at the bus stop I met a lovely little staffie who clambered all over me – she was in season – so no wonder DB was fascinated when I finally got home after Parents’ Evening.

This morning I ran in to a couple & I just had to ask if I could say hello to their gorgeous little brindle staffie / staffie cross – I don’t think they are 100% sure what he is, either. They think he’s about 6 months old (I think he looks a little younger)& they took him from his owners who were going to ‘have him put to sleep because they couldn’t be bothered with him!’. This was only last night!

Anyway, after stopping myself from stealing the beautiful little dog, I told them about this forum & encouraged them to have a look. I told them how much support & advice I have had from you all & how friendly & welcoming it is & how lovely you all are! spinner smile

I don’t know whether or not they have had dogs before, but I do know that round here at least loads of young staffie / staffie crosses seem to go through many homes in quick succession. I suspect this is sometimes because the various owners don’t know how to deal with some behaviours & rehome the dogs but then the next people get fed up & the behaviour is never dealt with so the poor dogs just keep being passed around till finally they end up in a shelter - or the wrong home. I know this is not news to any of you on this forum!

The couple seemed really lovely & I’m sure they have taken on the puppy with nothing but the best of intentions, but I hoped perhaps that if they are able to talk to everybody on here, it might minimise the chances of this puppy going through a succession of homes.


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Team Member
Team Member

Location : Cheshire
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PostSubject: Re: New members?   Fri 23 Mar 2012, 9:49 am

Thats good news that he now hopefully has a secure home.

Thanks for passing on our details Sue, if we can help one dog then it makes everything worthwhile x


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Team Support
Team Support

Location : Skipton
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PostSubject: Re: New members?   Fri 23 Mar 2012, 12:54 pm

Good on you Sue, they'll get all the support they need from here. I know I've had loads in the almost 3 years (can't believe it's that long) that I've had Elsdon.
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PostSubject: Re: New members?   

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New members?
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