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Team Member
Team Member

Location : Cheshire
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PostSubject: Walking   Thu 05 Jul 2012, 10:04 pm

When me and Reuben are off on our travels we often have some fun time on the fields and then go for a walk where he is sniffing, peeing, rolling in whatever etc.

However when we are in the calmer stage of our walk he will never walk more than approx 10 foot ahead of me. If he feels he is getting too far ahead he will stop, look back, wait for me to catch up and then carry on walking.

He has always done this and I wonder what makes him do this? Do any of your dogs do this?


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VIP Forum Member
VIP Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: Walking   Thu 05 Jul 2012, 10:09 pm

nope jo alfies a good 30ft in front of me most of the time , its a confidence thing i think ,

rueben can be a little nervous at times cant he , might be that scratch

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VIP Forum Member
VIP Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: Walking   Thu 05 Jul 2012, 10:09 pm

Cassie always does this on our way into the woods, stopping waiting making sure I am there, however on the way back she really runs ahead and I have too keep a close eye on her and call her back if she gets to far ahead, its as though she cant wait to get back to the car, however on the beach she is off full pelt going and coming back!!

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PostSubject: Re: Walking   

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