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 just been asked to stud wiley

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PostSubject: Re: just been asked to stud wiley    Thu 28 Nov 2013, 8:27 pm

Staffylover wrote:
staffymad wrote:

tbh i think im goin to say the next time that he has been nuetered  if i can getaway with it  as today he wouldnt of known as he asked if he was a dog or a bitch , i live in a small town and if it gets round hes nuetered , i think it will be better ,( less stealable ) , im very well known now cause im always out with him , and for some strange reason pl keep saying they have never seen a blue before round here , when i know of 6 at least , but most dont walk them so there never seen , so mines a novelty to ppl my main concern now would be someone trying to pinch him , so if ppl think hes done there's no point in pinching him
I think you may struggle saying he has been neutered with a pair of plums dangling lol! 
yep my thoughts too jo lol! 
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PostSubject: Re: just been asked to stud wiley    Thu 28 Nov 2013, 8:58 pm

There is that about it Jo LOL But he had to ask  today if he was male or female , so i might get away with it PMSL , both times i have been stopped its  been from ppl in cars so there not that close to him , i might just say hes a girl LOL afterall he wears a purple collar:Funny: 

Attually my daughter found one a few months ago wandering the streets of blackpool and we picked her up brought her home and found her owner via the dog warden , but my lass said that she was a male LOL and at the time my daughter was more dog savvy than me as she has her own dog , and i said tasha i dont think this dog is a male lol!  and it was a female on heat so was abit enlarged in that region , and my lass said i could of swore i saw some balls lol 
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just been asked to stud wiley
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