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 growling and circuling

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VIP Forum Member

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PostSubject: growling and circuling    Wed 19 Mar 2014, 9:16 am


My husband takes wiley on his last walk at night at around  10pm and he keeps meeting a german sheppard that runs up off its lead to wiley thats on a lead and growls at him , this has made my hubby abit uneasy hes not keen on it at all and thinks it may try to go for wiley , the bloke said to my hubby its ok he wont harm him and hes met your dog with your wife , which he has i met this dog a few weeks back and i let wiley off lead and they seemed ok together , but then last night the said dog come running up to wiley on his lead  owner was screeming at it to come back but it had zero recall my husband was goin towards it as that dog was coming back up the field so my hubby kinda had to get past it , it started to circle wiley and my hubby and was growling in what my hubby says was agressive , anyway my hubby said to the bloke that should be on a lead , (yes thankyou hubby i have to walk wiley in the day and may meet it again LOL after you have had a go ) but what i want to know is whats the crack what does it mean when its circuling like this and growling ? and how should we approach it in the future as its clear the owner doesnt give a toss at what its doin even if its not aggressive it shouldnt be terrorising on lead dogs , wiley had been cowering behind my hubby aswell so he is scared the great soft thing lol

Now there is more to this story just to give ppl a insight into the owner's, i first met this dogs owner about 4 months ago i met the wife and she had a nutty spanial that she had got from somewhere, i saw her a few times and wiley was fine with her dog but it was nuts and she was getting stressed because it had no recall ,  we got talking as you do i always ask what other dogs ppl have had cause im nosy LOL and she said she had had a border collie many years ago that bit her son on the face so she got rid , she said german sheppards were her type of dog and she had got a german sheppard that turned nasty after 6 months so she got shut of that , she didnt mention any others inbetween so i guess the spanial was the next one in line , anyway i saw about 6 weeks ago this is when wiley was off lead with her latest german sheppard the one that now growling , i said oh i didnt reconise you where is the spanial , she said i couldnt cope she said he got out of the back garden he legged it over the field into the other housing estate etc , she said i like to have my dogs off lead and it just wasnt possible with him so i rehomed him and now i have got my faviorite breed back a german sheppard she said its bliss he's so well behaved etc , but now 6 weeks on its turning agressive by the look it , so surly theres something not right here with the owners never mind the dogs , tbh i would like to meet her again myself with wiley in the day and see how it is , but it just happens to be on his last walk my husband meets her husband and my hubby said he has no control over it whatsover and with the amount of dogs that have gone for wiley i supoose were on our guard now and dont trust nothing
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Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: growling and circuling    Wed 19 Mar 2014, 8:35 pm

Given she passes dogs in like they were last years co Xmas pressies I doubt they bother with putting any time into training.

It's very hard two say what the dog would be doing but I would be inclined to ask her to put it on lead when it approaches you as you are not comfortable. It's not a nice conversation to have but better that than it have a go at Wiley


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growling and circuling
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