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 Epitheliotropic Lymphoma in Hamsters

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VIP Forum Member
VIP Forum Member

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PostSubject: Epitheliotropic Lymphoma in Hamsters   Sat 22 Mar 2014, 4:46 pm

Has anyone else had any experience of Epitheliotropic Lymphoma in an hamster???

I have several hamsters as a child and not once have I come across anything like this.

My daughter's hamster has had an irritation on the back of her neck and been really itchy for about 6 weeks...initially I thought it was possibly a flea/mite infection so brought a spot on treatment from my local pet shop...I have used spot on treatment for the hamsters and my rabbit before with no problems...however this did'nt clear it up and the hair loss was getting worse so took her over to the vet...our vet has used a stronger spot on solution 3 times in the last 4 weeks to try get on top of this...some weeks with positive signs of improvement and weight gain but other weeks with no improvement...Hamster has also been treated with antibiotics (the antibiotics we were advised are not registered for use on a hamster but if it was infection thats the risk we had to take to make the hamster better)

Well took the hamster over to the vet again on Thursday has we've been doing on a weekly basis the last 5 weeks...hamster did'nt look brilliant but she was still running around etc and she had'nt gained but she had'nt lost any weight so vet put another dose of spot on treatment on her and asked me to pop her back over today...took her over at lunchtime today and the vet took a skin scrape and we brung hamster home to await test results on Monday...the hamster is wobbling a bit on her back end, appears slightly hunched up and has lost a little weight...However I received a phone call not long ago from the vet whilst out grocery shopping to say that NO mite infestation or bacterial growth has been found and that symptoms are heading towards the hamster having Epitheliotropic Lymphoma which is a skin has advised me to monitor the hamster...should she start getting open sores etc then more antibiotics can be given etc and just monitor the hamsters quality of life...the vet advised once her quality of life is affected then its time to put her to sleep to end her suffering...I don't know whos more upset, my daughter or I...obviously my daughter is upset and she wants the hamster put to sleep as soon as we can...she says she does'nt want to let her suffer any longer which I can understand but its "that" decision

Vet has offered to do a skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis but she has also been honest and said the hamster is unlikely to make it through the anesthetic

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this
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Team Member
Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: Epitheliotropic Lymphoma in Hamsters   Sat 22 Mar 2014, 5:01 pm

Aww sorry to hear this Wendy. I have never heard of it but I have not owned anything like this since I was a child. Hopefully she will respond well to the antibiotics  group hug 


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Epitheliotropic Lymphoma in Hamsters
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