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Team Member
Team Member

Location : Cheshire
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PostSubject: Re: Fireworks   Sun 09 Nov 2014, 6:39 pm

When will theee bloody fireworks end, it's really peeing me off now. Last night Reuben was petrified of going for a wee before bed and had to hold until 6.30 this morning. The bloody things started again at 9.15am with bangers going off which left my two shaking in their beds and barking every two minutes. I was looking forward to going for a walk in a local country park I have never visited before and it was a lovely day but they had to stay indoors.
Tonight they have been going off for a couple of hours and our neighbours have them tonight so they sound like they are in the living room


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Team Member
Team Member

Location : Surrey, England
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PostSubject: Re: Fireworks   Wed 12 Nov 2014, 2:01 pm

I feel for all the scared dogs. They were still going off on Monday night here and last night Kassi started performing as soon as it got dark, in anticipation, but there wasn't any. She did this last year for a couple of weeks, so looks like its going to be like it again.

Just when you think it is all over someone just sets off one banger - WHY???


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