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 We love to support our local rescue centre.

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Gold Forum Member
Gold Forum Member

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PostSubject: We love to support our local rescue centre.   Sat 09 May 2015, 7:20 am

They support/rehome near any animal.
My sis in law with the 2 poodles had 2 dog beds in her car boot at my mum in laws birthday for us. Neither big enough for either for my dogs, would have been ok for poodles but mine are "slightly larger", so she donated them back to the rescue. But i trully appreciated her thought for mine! She popped in last week. She found a far larger bed, jess loved it! Loads of Love As new! For only $6! Its excellent! Washable cover, fleecy top, its thick, her hips can rest without ever touching the floor, its so new I would have paid $80. Tyson has claimed it as his so.... she found another "as new" bed, exactly the same as one I got for Tyson for $35 bucks. She got it for $4!

The rescue centre needs to raise their prices to increase their income! Brand new doggie stuff at "crazy, stupid, low prices". I'm off to see what I can donate to them to help out. I'm sure I have puppy beds, bowls, collars, I know I have puppy leads I dont need.

What a lovely, caring, sis in law I have & what a generous rescue centre.
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Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: We love to support our local rescue centre.   Sun 24 May 2015, 10:37 pm

My rescue sells items very cheap at their summer and winter fairs, I usually get a couple of bargains.

They have their summer fair tomorrow but I don't think I will be going as had to spend my pennies on new tyres


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We love to support our local rescue centre.
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