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 Your dogs and fireworks

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PostSubject: Your dogs and fireworks   Sun 19 Sep 2010, 6:54 pm

If your dog suffers from noise phobias you need to start dealing with this 2 to 3 months prior to fireworks night. So, September is the latest time you should be starting to help him to cope with November 5th!

You know your dog better than anybody and will often notice changes in behaviour in traumatic situations, such as Bonfire Night. During the firework season many pets become stressed and fearful.

The symptoms to look out for include:

• Trembling and shaking
• Clinging to owners
• Barking excessively
• Cowering and hiding behind furniture
• Trying to run away
• Soiling the house
• Pacing and panting
• Refusing to eat

Tips on how to calm your pet during the fireworks

• Prepare a ‘den’ for your dog, so that he has somewhere to hide during the fireworks. Encourage him to use it by hiding healthy food treats or toys there. If your dog hides in a corner or under a bed, leave him alone and do not try to coax him out. This ‘bolthole’ is where he will feel most secure and must be accessible at all times. You can further help create this comforting ‘den’ for your dog by using a plug in a DAP diffuser and putting some of your clothes in so he can smell you
• Leave a Radio or TV switched on
• On the evenings you expect fireworks, ensure your dog is safely inside and secure doors and windows
• Make sure your dog is microchipped. If they do escape, frightened, confused animals can easily get lost
• Ensure your dog is taken out for a walk early in the evening before the fireworks start
• Draw curtains to reduce the noise from outside
• Leave a Radio or TV switched on
• Ignore any fearful behaviour and do not try to comfort your dog. The animal will pick up on your anxiety and this may make the problem worse. Fussing a pet that appears frightened can reward and encourage this behaviour
• Don’t punish your dog. This only confirms that there is something to be afraid of
• Try not to go out while the fireworks are going off. Seeing you acting normally will help your dog feel more settled
• Speak to your vet. DAP can be applied to your dog’s bedding on the night of the event to give him additional support
• Try using Rescue remedy, start a couple of days with 4-5 drops and build up as necessary
• After the firework season is over you should contact your vet to ask about treatment for your dog's fear of fireworks. DAP and a CD therapy pack have been scientifically proven to be an effective combination for treating firework phobias in dogs.

For further information on how to prepare your pet for the firework season, please contact your vet.

There is also a very good write up in the Dogs Monthly magazine – October 2010.



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PostSubject: Re: Your dogs and fireworks   Wed 22 Sep 2010, 1:05 pm

agreed Good post Jo. spinner smile
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PostSubject: Re: Your dogs and fireworks   Mon 27 Sep 2010, 12:07 am

Great post ty ...... had a horrid time of it last year with Hoopy ... ended up at vets get stuff calm him down xx
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PostSubject: Re: Your dogs and fireworks   

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Your dogs and fireworks
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